Save a dog in need with every Purchase

The sale of a Fidele packet will contribute to not only providing a pet dog with good nutrition but also contribute towards improving the lives of homeless animals on our streets.

For every 4 kg bag that a customer buys, Fidele will donate Rs. 5 to RESQ

For every 15 kg bag that a customer buys, Fidele will donate Rs. 10 to RESQ

Who is RESQ?

ResQ Charitable Trust is a Not-for-Profit Organisation, founded in 2007 with the aim of improving the lives of the animals on our streets.

It is important to ensure that the animals on our streets are healthy and vaccinated, as an injured or sick animal is more likely to spread diseases or react in distress and defence. Our goal is to provide rescue services throughout the city and try to save as many animals as possible.

RESQ facilitates the adoption of young puppies and kittens through a comprehensive adoption program as we believe that ‘one animal homed is one animal off the streets’.

Currently, our resources and experience only capacitate us to provide free services for stray dogs and cats in Pune City only.